Turbeq Australia Pty Ltd is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. With many years of experience in the supply of Parts & Services to the Power & Oil & Gas Industries, Turbeq Australasia has established a vast network of suppliers and has access to thousands of parts, both original equipment and after market, at very competitive prices.

Turbeq is the exclusive Representative/Agent In Australia, New Zealand & the South Pacific Region of the following companies.


Roper Pumps
Roper Pump is dedicated to the highest standards in the manufacture and aftermarket support of liquid fuel pumps and flow dividers for industrial frame type gas turbines in the power generation, oil & gas, pipeline, refinery and petrochemical industries.
In the early 1990s Harvey Jansen’s entrepreneurial spirit, lead him to focus his efforts on fuel controls and actuators for turbine engines. The JASC Clevis Single Stage Servo Valve was developed in Harvey’s garage for the APS-3200 auxiliary power unit and resulted in a series of other design applications.
Stork H&E Turbo Blading based in Ithaca, NY, USA & Stork Turbo Blading BV based in Sneek, The Netherlands. They are both part of the Dutch based Stork group of companies, which has existed for more than 150 years.
Eagle Filters
Eagle Filters design & manufacture an improved product which will be tailor made to be the best solution using the latest technology. Eagle Filters integrate excellent filtering efficiency, good mechanical durability and top-ranking aerodynamic properties in a cost-effective manner.
GTC takes pride in owning the largest GE Speedtronic ™ stock outside of General Electric. They offer turbine owners worldwide an extremely efficient, “one-stop” Speedtronic ™ control parts supply service, backed by experienced and dedicated personnel.
Thermo Electric
Thermo Electric is the market leader in the development and production of temperature measurement systems. The superiority of their products is guaranteed by our Total Quality Management system with ISO certification.
Aarding Thermo Acoustics
Aarding Thermal Acoustics BV was established in 1960 and is based in Nuspeet, The Netherlands.ATA is now a strong and versatile company with a high level of continuity.
Japan Inc
Japan Inc is an energy company and a non-operating owner of gas turbines, gas turbine generators, and their associated components. We offer a huge range of new & used surplus equipment including complete Gas & Steam Turbines, rotors, combustion & turbine capital spare parts for a range of OEM makes.

Mee Industries Inc. pioneered gas turbine inlet fogging technology more than twenty years ago and ever since, MeeFog systems have set the standard for cost-effective power augmentation systems. Today hundreds of gas turbine operators around the world use MeeFog to increase power and decrease per-megawatt operating costs.

Franke FilterBeing both the designer and a specialised manufacturer of oil mist separators, Franke Filter has gained valuable experience for almost 20 years through personal customer contact for all conceivable applications concerning separation of oil mist.