Aarding Thermo Acoustics

Aarding Thermal Acoustics BV was established in 1960 and is based in Nuspeet, The Netherlands. ATA is now a strong and versatile company with a high level of continuity. Our versatility comes from our extensive know-how on a wide variety of acoustic and thermal products. Whether a problem can be solved from our standard line or needs a tailor-made product, ATA takes control from start to finish – from design to installation and all the stages inbetween. ATA is also a specialist in complex turn-key projects. It is no wonder that we have grown into an international corporation.

Engineering work is carried out at our head office in The Netherlands however actual production is carried out as near to site a feasible. This has an obvious cost cutting benefit but also reduces lead time and cost of transport.

ATA’s main products are:

– Exhaust gas systems (including diffuser ducts, diverter dampers, silencers, internal insulation, bypass stacks, steel structures including ladders & platforms, etc.);
– Ductwork & System Casings;
– Thermal Insulation;
– Boiler Internals (including baffle plates, sound absorber plates, sealing plates & flow baffle plates);
– Flue Gas Silencers;
– Vent Silencers;
– Acoustic Enclosures.

For information regarding ATA’s capabilities, please visit their website www.ata-bv.com

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