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Doedijns / Thermo Electric

Doedijns International was founded in 1860. Almost 150 years later, strategic decisions and decisive actions have led to the establishment of an international organisation with more than 250 employees, a wide knowledge base with multiple offices in Europe and Asia. A company that takes a leading position in the market for hydraulic & pneumatic engineering and instrumentation technology, Doedijns is known for its technical know-how, the experience of its employees, its high-quality product range, the complex and reliable tailored solutions, the internal engineering & production and the excellent worldwide service. Doedijns’ wide range of activities include oil and gas extraction & processing, chemical engineering, shipbuilding and precision mechanical engineering.

Thermo Electric – Thermo Sensors

gasturbinet-c_3Thermo Electric is the market leader in the development and production of temperature measurement systems.

The Thermo Electric organization has its own factory, sales and service centre in the Netherlands. In addition, it has its network of representatives in all of the important industrial areas in northern and southern Europe, the Middle and Far East, North and South America and Australasia. With this organization, we are in a position to serve our customers worldwide with high-quality products.

DoedijnsThe superiority of our products is guaranteed by our Total Quality Management system with ISO certification. Our “in house” calibration laboratory meets with the stringent requirements of R.v.A. and other international certifications. This quality guarantee provides additional security and forms the foundation for Thermo Electric’s leading position as a reliable supplier of temperature measurement systems with a high level of performance.