Franke Filter

franke-filter-productBeing both the designer and a specialised manufacturer of oil mist separators, Franke Filter has gained valuable experience for almost 20 years through personal customer contact for all conceivable applications concerning separation of oil mist.

The compact and individual design of our filter systems allows assembly in the narrowest space at gas and steam turbines, hydro turbines, gas and diesel engines, turbo compressors, generators, gears and other rotating machines. Franke Filter systems achieve results far below the stipulated permissible values and due to their compact design allow unproblematic assembly.

Our colleagues manufacture and assemble all oil mist separators in our own workshop – individually for your application. Even the flange is prepared in such a way that no extra welding or additional modification is required after delivery.

  • Recover valuable oil and comply with environmental regulations. 
  • Exact adjustment of vacuum in the lube oil system Quality of lube oil is maintained or even improved.
  • Recover up to 2,000 litres annually depending on size of a turbine.
  • 30,000 hours and more of continuous operation.
  • Efficiency of 99, 99% at 0. 1 μ particles and droplets.
  • Up to 1 mg/m3 and less residual oil content in exhaust air is possible.

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