In the early 1990s Harvey Jansen’s entrepreneurial spirit, lead him to focus his efforts on fuel controls and actuators for turbine engines. The JASC Clevis Single Stage Servo Valve was developed in Harvey’s garage for the APS-3200 auxiliary power unit and resulted in a series of other design applications.

Today JASC has built and shipped over 7,000 servo valves and collectively they have accumulated approximately 60 million hours of trouble free service, implemented in the fuel metering valve assembly (FNMA) of the Airbus A-380 aircraft and the inlet guide vane actuator (IGVA) aboard both the Airbus A-320 series and A-380 aircraft.

The high flow, single stage servo valve is manufactured in a number of configurations. Its inherent pressure balance results in low electrical power consumption (1.0 watt maximum). The servo valve is capable of operating with a variety of fluids including jet fuels, calibration fluids, hydraulic oils, air and natural gas.

JASC designed, built, tested, and entered into production the fuel metering valve assembly (FVMA) and the inlet guide vane actuator (IGVA) for the Airbus A-380 auxiliary power unit (APU). When Airbus embarked upon building the largest passenger jet ever, its supplier base relied on JASC’s combined 70 years of experience in fuel controls and actuators to build components for the world’s largest APU.

Both the FMVA and IGVA are based on the JASC three-way, clevis-type fuel-metering servo that is used in various products and applications such as pressure compensated flow controls in turbine engine fuel systems and actuator positioning.

JASC has designed and manufactured a series of control valves that improve the performance of industrial gas turbine engines.

JASC’s initial entry in the industrial field was the result of an engine manufacturer having performance problems with one of its large engines. JASC submitted a proposal for a combination valve, and based on Harvey’s engineering background and experience the company was awarded a contract to produce the design and today has sold over 7,000 three-way purge valves.

The manufacturer returned to JASC for additional components, including check valves purge air valves and water injection valves resulting in orders of over 150,000 pieces.

For more information regarding JASC Industrial Gas Turbine products, please visit their website www.jasc-controls.com


Liquid Fuel Check Valve

Water Cooled LFCV

Purge Air Check Valve

Water Cooled Combining Valve

3 Way Purge Valve

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Water Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve

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Fuel Metering Valve (FMVA)

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