3 Way Purge Valve

The three-way purge valve offers a means to deliver fuel or purge air to the combustion chamber atomizers of a gas-turbine engine. The valve operates at high pressure and temperature while maintaining essentially zero leakage between individual air and fuel sources. The inherent scraping action of the dynamic seals provide long-life operation with contaminated fluids. Fuel re-circulation for this unit is optional.

3 Way Purge Valve

Design Features & Benefits

ANSI Class Six (essentially zero) internal seal leakage of air or fuel
Zero External Leakage
Operating Pressures to 1500 PSIG
Single Valve Element with low cross-port leakage during actuation
Pilot air (active) or fuel pressure (passive) actuating modes 

Primary Materials

Stainless Steel
Cold Rolled Steel
Vespel Dynamic Seals

Product Specifications

Fuel Specs

Fuel Type: Diesel, Jet Fuel
Operating Pressure: 0-1225 PSIG
Operating Temperature: 0 to +250 °F
Flow Rate: 0-20 GPM @ 50 PSID max.

Purge Air Specs

Pressure: 0-300 PSIG
Temperature: -30 to +400 °F
Flow Rate: 0-0.05 lbs/sec @ 0.5 PSID max.

Pilot Air Specs

Pressure: 0-100 PSIG
Temperature: -30 to +300 °F

Environmental Specs

Temperature: 0 to +250 °F