Thermal Relief Valve

Thermal Relief ValveThermal Relief Valve is a passive valve designed to relieve fuel pressure build-up due to fuel heating. (Thermal expansion yet the Thermal Relief Valve remains closed during normal liquid fuel system operation).


Filtration: 200 Micron Nominal 300
Micron: Absolute in both directions
Flow: During Actuation 1.0 Gallons
Flow Rate: Maximum .25 GPM @ 150 PSID during thermal relief mode
Relieving Pressure: 150 +/-10 PSIG
Max Ambient Temperature: 170 °F
Inlet Pressure: 0-1200 PSIG
Construction Materials: Stainless Steel
Weight: 2.2 lbs


Part # Flow Crack Pressure Frame
101342-1 .1GPM 150 PSID All