Water Cooled Combining Valve

Water Cooled Combining ValveThe JASC Water Cooled Combining Valve was designed to directly replace the Fuel Distributor Valve and the LFCV/PACV or 3WPV. An extensive design program was undertaken, using the basic cooling approach derived from WCLFCV experience. The design is based on JASC’s extremely durable and successful 3-Way Purge Valve and its bolt-in design makes replacement of nozzle fuel lines unneccesary. The effective water-cooling design eliminates coking within the valve. The valve also includes staged fuel delivery, removable fuel inlet filter that limits contaminants and is easily cleanable.

Design Features & Benefits

Provides single-point delivery/switching for both fuel and purge air distribution for up to 6 combustion zones.
Pilot (active) and fuel pressure (passive) actuating modes.
Water circulation to eliminate coking.
Innovative fuel flow path enables particle entrapment in a field serviceable location.

Construction Materials

Stainless Steel