Water Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve

The water-cooled version of the standard three-way purge valve was specifically designed to provide gas turbine owners currently utilizing three-way purge valves with a means of eliminating coke formation so that refurbishments occur during hot gas path inspections.

Water Cooled Three-Way Purge Valve

Design Features & Benefits

Upgrading existing three-way purge valves to water cooled during refurbishment.
Improve liquid fuel system operational capability and realiability to 95% or better.
Benefit from maintenance intervals which coincide with hot gas path inspections.
Utilizes existing water system.
Operating pressure to 1500 PSIG.
ANSI Class Six internal seal leakage of air or fuel.
Thermally compatible Vespel seal and crushed gasket.

Primary Materials

Stainless Steel
Cold Rolled Steel
Vespel Dynamic Seals
Copper Crush Gaskets

Product Specifications

Water Specs

Temperature: +40 to +150 °F
Flow Rate: 2.0 GPM minimum 
Pressure Drop: 20 PSID (typ)

Pilot Air Specs

Pressure: 0-95 PSIG
Temperature: -30 to +300 °F

Purge Air Specs

Pressure: 0-300 PSIG
Temperature: -30 to +400 °F
Flow Rate: 0-0.05 lbs/sec @ 0.5 PSID

Fuel Specs

Fuel Type: Diesel, Jet Fuel 
Operating Pressure: 0-1225 PSIG
Operating Temperature: 0 to +250 °F
Flow Rate: 0-20 GPM @ 50 PSID max.

Environmental Specs

Temperature: 0 to +250 °F