Mee Fog Technology

MeeFog™ dramatically increases gas turbine power output even in humid environments.

Mee Industries Inc. pioneered gas turbine inlet fogging technology more than twenty years ago and ever since, MeeFog systems have set the standard for cost-effective power augmentation systems. Today hundreds of gas turbine operators around the world use MeeFog to increase power and decrease per-megawatt operating costs.

MeeFog evaporative cooling systems can produce a power boost of over 25% in desert climates and overspray fogging can add another 10% of power augmentation. Even in very humid tropical regions, or offshore installations, MeeFog systems can produce a    power boost of up to 10% from evaporative cooling and as much as another 10% from overspray fogging. MeeFog systems have been used by, or approved by, every major gas turbine manufacturer in the world.

Without MeeFog™ you could be losing up to 25% of your power output on a hot day!

A critical analysis of weather data shows that, contrary to common thinking, evaporative cooling technology is very effective no matter what the operating temperatures or humidity levels might be. Around the world, from the colder climate of the United Kingdom to the high heat and humidity of Thailand, MeeFog gas turbine inlet air fogging has proven to be significantly more effective and economical than other less versatile methods.

Evaporative cooling potential throughout the world is impressive when the climatic data is evaluated based on an analysis of coincident wet bulb and dry bulb information. This kind of analysis allows an accurate prediction of peak-power gains, average monthly power gains and peak and average water consumption. Please contact Mee Industries for a detailed report for your gas turbines.

Mee Fog Technology

MeeFog™ Technology Overview

World-class Manufacturing Quality. World-leading Innovation. World-wide Installation & Application Experience.

As the global leader in high pressure water fogging technology, Mee Industries has a celebrated history of providing innovative, leading edge solutions for industrial applications including gas turbine inlet air cooling, humidification, evaporative cooling, agricultural use and special effects generation.

Equally important is Mee’s well-deserved reputation for custom engineering and manufacturing fogging systems that are not only highly effective and reliable, but predictably efficient and economical to operate.

Mee Industries Inc. is committed to developing, marketing, and supporting the most innovative and reliable fog systems available today.